• November 16, 2022
How Cambridge School Jakarta Develops Best Education For Students?

How Cambridge School Jakarta Develops Best Education For Students?

It is given that every parent wants to give the best for their children, including education. In this case, international standard education has become a great consideration. Cambridge’s curriculum for this option makes the school capable of providing the best education. It also highlights how Cambridge school Jakarta provides its syllabus. Here are details on how it gives the best education.   

Different Curriculum For Every Education Level 

One of the reasons why Cambridge has the best international syllabus is the various focus on education level. It means the school can develop education that fit the student’s needs and abilities. It is given in the level-based curriculum. Global Sevilla for example is one of the best Cambridge education bodies that implement unique learning levels. 

At the primary level, the school uses Cambridge primary with IPC to give the best and most thorough learning. It also helps students to learn further with their interests or talents in mind. After that, the secondary schools use Lower level, IGCSE, and level A or advanced to give more thorough learning for higher education levels. It defines the variety of Cambridge. 

Flexible Curriculum

Flexibility makes the curriculum easier to use for Cambridge School Jakarta. It allows the school to develop better communication and intellectual inquiry, and use better cultural awareness with cross-cultural education. The flexibility also highlights the chance in supporting varying training, resources, and approaches. Thus creating more fitting learning.  

Focus On Personal Interest And Talents 

Focusing on personal interests and talents makes the curriculum help develop better personal skills and strengths. It is similar to character development, which means the school and its curriculum make the students get the best education they love. Thus, students can commit to and learn to their fullest.  

Emphasize Both Academic And Character Development  

Cambridge understands that the best education is not only about academic excellence. It should come as a balance since the students need to develop better academic and character development. That is the key of Cambridge school Jakarta, which makes the students ready to join the society and face the more competitive world in the future. 

The information given is some of the examples of how the Cambridge curriculum comes as an effective and international standard education. It develops unique learning and standards for every level, develops flexible learning, focuses on students, and help them excel in both character and academic development. Global Sevilla is one of the best options to pick. Check out the school for its best education.Reference: https://www.globalsevilla.org/

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